NET as the platform. S30—Inactivity Timer This register specifies the length of time in minutes that the modem will wait before disconnecting when no data is sent or received. For everyone who might run into trouble like me: This is specially designed according to the requirements of the application. These commands are shown in Table

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I your Version i tryed it with invoke an it worked verry well. Displays the current data compression configuration.

Customer can change the default installation folder when he chooses the Custom installation. The simple solution was to add the follwoing line in teh vg.

For BACnet long addendas are used and you have to use very short names ca.

If an MNP error control protocol is not established, the modem will fall back according to the current user setting in register S HiIs it possible to send data or file to agfre PC after connection has been established Show ” digit dialed! The delay time may also be specified in register S30 see S30—Inactivity Timer on page See this Acer Technical Article.


TAPI 3.0 Application development using C#.NET

Reset and restore stored profile. The long-form, or verbose, response wage given when V1 is selected, and the short-form, data-like numeric response is given when V0 is selected. Answering a Speakerphone Call Final transmit carrier rate.

Displays the current value of the timer. Not very positive about the volume. For each system configuration in voice mode i. Refer to Table 8 in the Microsoft specification. Data carrier detect DCD is a signal from the modem to the computer indicating that the carrier signal is being received from a remote modem.

Speakerphone mode is active. Valid maximum transmit and receive history buffer sizes.

The units are in one second intervals. This card seems to have been designed as an 8 port data modem ager – there have been some memory leakage problems with this card when it’s modems are used in Voice mode, and as such we do not recommend using this card. Receive Frame Error Count Number of frames received in error by the client.


TAPI Application development using C#.NET – CodeProject

Displays result codes as text default. Microphone and speaker connected, DCE off-hook speakerphone.

Increase gain above nominal level. Simple demo configuration with analog voice-modem??? The TAD next plays its greeting message, issues a beep, and records the caller’s message.

In this mode, the modem is always screening for incoming calls. Answering a Speakerphone Call The speakerphone application is loaded. The speakerphone user picks up the phone and hears the caller from the other end. Unfortunately the provider Devolo does not offer replacement for this modem. Displays the supported V. The result codes are list in Table The C0 command may instruct some other modems not to send carrier i.