Automotive With our automotive products, you can reduce system costs, improve reliability, and simplify design complexity to accelerate time to market. For more information, refer to the related information links. Alternatively, you can disable interrupts to avoid context switches during section measurement. Intel requires that the master interfaces of any processors you add to your system are Avalon-MM compliant. This flexibility makes the design process more complex. Reduce your time to market by leveraging reference designs, intellectual property IP , embedded solutions, and software from our end market partners.

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The example below shows a C code fragment that illustrates the difference between the little endian and big endian arithmetic byte ordering used by most processors. Because the memory tester system writes to the memory and then reads it back, the number of bytes it accesses and reports in the transcript window is double the memory span. Platform Designer is a system development tool for creating systems including processors, peripherals, and memories.

The data pattern checker system receives a pattern from SDRAM and verifies it against the pattern from the data pattern generator. As this table indicates, three of the components are also available for use in the Parameter Editor design flow in addition to Platform Designer.

Embedded Design Handbook

Aside from this detail of MPU instantiation, the two designs are identical. Qltera the altra of the pattern is reached, the custom pattern generator cycles back to the first element of the pattern. SDRAM also makes efficient use of pins. You can control the value of BSP settings several ways: HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer —A lightweight runtime environment that provides a simple device driver interface for programs to communicate with the underlying hardware.


The section also includes instructions to control some common linker behavior, and descriptions of the circumstances in which you may need them. A timer counter value of 0x 2, clock ticks is interpreted by the flsah as 0x 8 clock ticks because the arithmetic byte ordering of the processor does not match the arithmetic byte ordering of the timer component.

The output is restricted to hexadecimal due to a small software library that prints the characters to the terminal. The application project folder contains a create-this-app scriptand the BSP project folder contains a create-this-bsp script.

This section briefly describes various memory topologies that are available.

Embedded Design Handbook

This chapter describes and compares the two components. To generate the Platform Designer system, perform the following steps:. Your particular system may require a boot loader to configure the application image before it can begin execution.

The signal names are the exported interface name followed by an underscore, and then the signal name specified in the component flahs IP core. This design example does not include other logic in the FPGA. The table below summarizes alfera most popular options for peripheral expansion in Platform Designer systems that include an industry-standard processor.

However, in case you prefer to do so, this section includes instructions to start a GDB debugger session using these commands, and an example GDB debugging session.

A missed connection or incorrect memory address assignment may cause the tester design to fail on the board. The other chapters in the Embedded Design Handbook are a valuable source of information about embedded hardware and software design, verification, and debugging.


The majority of the IP provided by Intel that contains alrera Avalon-MM master or slave port uses little endian arithmetic byte ordering.

Custom instructions accelerate common operations. For Linux support, you can also refer to Rocketboards. To add the memory, perform the following steps:. The figure below illustrates one of the design examples as it appears in Platform Designer.

The boot copier is placed at the reset address, if the runtime location of the. The HAL provides a wide variety of native device support for Intel -supplied peripherals.

– Intellectual Property : Altera – CFI Flash

Supercharge your Data Center. However, the Platform Designer -generated testbench system’s components names flasy assigned automatically and you may want to control the instance names to make it easier to run the test program for the BFMs.

If you choose this option, you must write all of the HDL to connect the modules in your system. You can generate the simulation model for the Platform Designer testbench system at the same time by turning on Create testbench simulation model.

Refer to the datasheet of the SDRAM device you are using to find the device’s minimum clock frequency.