Please check the following if abrupt disconnection of modem occurred: As shown below, click “Finish” then the driver will be uninstalled. Sends SMS message to the select ed phone number. The Internet connection sp eed is too slow. No matter how long I pressed the power button, the pow er does not get turned off.

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If the modem is trying to connect or connected to the Internet, this icon will app ear as shown. Supports Hybri d mode.

Download and install Anydata corporation AnyDATA CDMA USB Modem PID – driver id

Clic k “Install Modem Driver” on the men u, and click. Pressing each button will tran sfer to approp riate screen. This device is co mpliant with the parameters of Specific.

Either the cabl e is disco nnected to the modem or.

This is install the Easy Wireless Net Program. As shown below, eithe r pressing.


Press button to install the program. The archive contains version 2. Battery warning beep will sound when amydata is low if “ON” is selected. Sending Message h as failed. The program windo w will be always top if “ON” is selected. Call will be disconnected. Next window displays asking pr oper path for inst alling the program. It is possible to add upto 5 numbers.

Then press button, it will automatically connected to the Internet.

Select “Install from a list or specific locati o n Advanced “. Please be careful not to touch the modem wi th your cd,a or any part of the body.

AnyDATA Korea ADUC CDMA 1x/EVDO USB Modem User Manual 1

OFF No service or Sear ching the network. Internet Connect Dial Numbe r. Default path is “C: I cannot connect to the Inte rnet? Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. How many people can I send SMS messages at anyfata e?


By pressing Phonebook button, following window will appear. Start the driver installer file from a user account with the highest privileges rights. Click “Browse” and click “OK” as shown below. No matter how long I pressed the power button, the pow er does not get turned off. Any part of this document may not be distributed, communicated, reprodu ced or transmitted in any form. By pressing button, the installat ion of Easy.

AnyDATA intros ADU-E100D USB EV-DO modem

Click “I don’t have the disc. Please anydats the following if abrupt disconnection of modem occurred: All of the display on the progra m’s screen shows as prohibited icons. Keep your computer up to date.