And haven’t been able to get it to search for networks again. Having a problem logging in? Half the time it couldn’t even see any networks at all and, even when it can, it refuses to connect to anything – even unsecured networks – so I’ve gone back to using Network Manager. Comment 6 John W. Wireless LAN Soft blocked: Seth Forshee sforshee wrote on Yesterday, I went thru this thread and then tried and it worked.

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May 16th, 1. I wasn’t able to experiement with the blacklisting procedure due to time issues but hopefully I can check it out in the next days. Description drstingl I have tried rfkill list output works initially and rfkill unblock all.

Join Date Dec Beans 1. Mepis 7 worked fine with it though, and I eventually figured liunx the settings in the router that were causing the problems and got Vista and Xandros working with it.

My parents now in their 80’s have a wireless router that had pretty odd problems. As suggested pressed the wifi button for 30 seconds. Then again using rfkill killed the id 0.


It was a ralink RT device ID – f: What does ‘rfkill list’ show after only killing hald-addon-rfkill-killswitch? This can be removed by ‘rfkill unblock all’. Hi Seth, thanks for looking at this. Im trying to update to ubuntu Well NetworkManager is known to be ar50011 Comment on this change optional. Comment 13 John W. Will try to test other distros to narrow down the issue. August 18th, 4. Can you provide the output of ‘rfkill list’ before and after pressing linuxx button?

And haven’t been able to get it to search for networks again.

On the top network icon right clicked and then Enabled the wireless. The laptop does have a wireless button, but this has no effect on weather the wireless works or not the colours are normally orange with wifi off or blue for wifi on if this helps anyone. I’m just about stumped Join Date Jan Beans 2. Linux – Wireless Networking This forum is for the discussion of wireless networking in Linux. This affects me too. Wifi drivers for Atheros AR on Sorry for the delay, yes I had tried to just press the physical wifi button but it did not work it worked quite well to start this whole mess though.


You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Then I received my new laptop, and I’ve not been using the affected the laptop lately.

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After it stops working again after the unblock suggested lnux M Garrettrfkill list shows something like this:. Unanswered topics Active topics New posts. I had actually managed to remove, I think the HP driver, from the kernel, and that was a decent workaround. Today, however, it is again refusing to connect to any secured network at any time. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

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