Most accessible retailers even in China, don’t offer free postage which defeats the purpose even if the controller is half price. The PS2 outright sucked. I don’t know how they don’t make a loss on some of those items when they often send things in multiple parcels! With the current exchange rate, that will have to wait until things calm down again ??? I have about 10 hours of flight time on this HOTAS and it’s been sitting in it’s original box for several months now safe and sound.

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Will have to check if I have em and if so to see if I can do something like this. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors.

Who’da thunk aussies can compete: Perth, Australia Posts 6. When I reattached the analog control sticks it was fine again.

Metal-Muffin Grand Admiral Oct 6, Forums New posts Search forums. That’d bluetej bloody right, they replied to me and said that because its after 30 days that I have to pay the postage both ways to return and to get a new one posted. So get right in there and start playing! Also are you able to utilise the existing commercially available gamepad to USB converters?


With the Plug and Play Controller, you get awesome games for years and years of fun. You must log in or register to reply here. Since I’m on a bit of a roll catching up on half-finished blueteek, I decided to crack open a set of controllers I bought from dealextreme in my search to find affordable and easy controller hacks for MAME. So back to the drawing board Agreed that soldering thru a hole would be better – it’s easy enough to drill a small hole in ther PCB that just catches the edge of the copper at each solder point, then slip a tinned wire thru and solder it up.


Blutek USA | eBay Stores

Tell your woman to chill out. On the surface it looks pretty good. It just detects as a generic USB joystick to Windows, so it’ll work anywhere where joysticks can be used. Nemesis in MAME is my bench mark, fast game, lots of powerup and it handles it well. Its a good point, and I’ll test it more thoroughly as soon as my first joystick is built, by playing bubble bobble: We love to see you back. Bluetek Commander Oct 12, What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Having said that, I use zippy sticks all the time when I make dedicated 4-way sticks ie the restrictor plate is set to prevent diagonal movement. However I’d rather not run back and forth for single purchases, would rather get a few at a time. Thread starter Bluetek Start date Oct 5, D I am releasing it to the public because I think all of the other owners of this joystick should have this privilege too! If you wanted them removable, you’d be best with the SKU: I found a creative USB control pad that had the same thing.


I’m starting to think it takes me less time than hooking up an IPAC!

I have a question, with a gamepad hack like these, could I map it so that the 1player vertical controls are the same buttons for the 1player horiztonal? Its definately a cheaply made product but if you buy one and test that bljetek both work before cracking it open, you should be fine.

I’ll presume this has helped users so far then??? If you are interested contact me via Spectrum. I thought the pic with “DONE” on it already was the underneath.

I will pull it apart tonight and compare it to DM’s controller for ease of soldering etc.