Creative Xmod Firmware 1. We wouldn’t recommend this mode for music listening, but for enjoying other media, such as games or movies, it was quite effective. Added Features or Enhancements: We found it was reasonably effective at this, creating a more immersive listening experience, with more definition and better placement of individual instruments and sounds. The mid-range remains unchanged for the most part, although it seems a little richer, and detail remains about the same whether the Crystaliser is on or off. End of Service Life. This palm-size, slick-looking device is designed to improve the quality of MP3s and other compressed audio, as well as audio CDs.

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See any errors on this page? This review, for example, is being typed on a three-quarter-sized keyboard in the mxod room of a doctor’s surgery.

Creative Labs Xmod USB Sound Module for PC and Mac 70SB

Creative’s recently announced Xmod made it into my cube this week, and I have to say, I like what I hear. Added Features or Enhancements: This makes it brilliant as a companion for a laptop without a high-end or dedicated sound card. However this form-factor is also useful if you are on the move a lot, or have multiple PCs and want to enjoy X-Fi quality audio on all of them. We were a little skeptical at first, concerned it would simply increase the range on certain sounds, but a few seconds of comparative listening quickly turned us into believers.


Kicking back to the classical strains of a Mozart MP3 just pains the ears, thanks to an ungodly integrated sound chip and its sole headphone out port.

This processor restores the detail and vibrancy to music and movies that is lost during compression. Cons USB connection somewhat limits the device, Sound is slightly manufactured.

Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. The idea is that this will have a big impact on compressed music such as MP3s, although Creative also claims it will make your CDs sound better than standard CD quality. It is basically an enhanced surround sound mode, which improves directional and position audio.

Where a PC powers it directly through the mini USB port, a line-in or headphone connection offers no power input. However, I’d love to see this enhancement built right into an MP3 player since it cannot be used on the move. With this switched on, the X-Fi processor theoretically enhances your music up to bit quality, which is above that of a regular CD CDs are bit. Laptops – now outselling desktops in the UK – are undeniably great.

The Xmod’s rubber feet keep it in place on your desktop where the attractive unit fits right in. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world.

Adjustments are made using the large silver knob in the centre of the unit; allowing you to control the intensity of the effects and volume. Our main complaint with the design is its reliance on external power. The only issue is it won’t run without external power. Bottom Line The Xmod is a brilliant product. The device is compatible with files that are encoded in multiple surround channels.


Creative has lifted the X-Fi features related to music from its SoundBlaster cards and packed them into the Xmod. Against Doesn’t stand out from headphones enough. Combined with features we are used to see on the X-Fi series of soundcards such as the X-Fi Crystallizer and CMSS-3D support, is this chocolate bar-sized portable device really worth considering?

If you see an error message, click the OK button to install the firmware again. Xmov to various electronica, ripped vinyl, live acoustic performances–anything with sound waves–I sensed underneath the enhanced lows and highs, an energy that just made my music sound nicer. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Creative Xmod

The Xmod’s connectivity is understandably limited – it is a stereo, 2-channel unit after all. What we creativ want is all-singing, all-dancing multichannel surround sound, preferably with a digital out as well.

Only then can we can turn our backs on the desktop for good. For Has its own carry pack Makes laptop music sound good. Close all applications that are currently running.