Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. This suggests that the stuff is probably not particularly high-quality or stable in the long term. Besides its technological know-how, BenQ is also a highly distinguished brand known in recent times for its strong software support, good media compatibility and excellent write quality. We received a black coloured drive, but there is an option to choose between this or a white coloured burner. However, simulating such a burn on the BenQ DW resulted in a true simulation no burn to disc and a value which suggested overburning was indeed possible. The drive reports PIFs as sum8 values rather than the standard sum1. The offending belt is a much longer belt about mm circumference than the average drive has which is about 80mm circumference.

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Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17, The ID label located on the underside of the drive see photo below shows that our drive was manufactured during April in Malaysia. As the writing speed is increased, signal loss becomes the key cause for the significant decrease in writing quality.

It is therefore natural that coming into the assessment of the DW, expectations are on the high side for the drive to follow the fine example set by its older award-winning siblings. While CD-R overburning was easily achieved using contemporary burning software of the time Nero and generally just worked, DVD overburning was completely different. Looking at the above list, the appropriate line is this one: It then succumbed to laser failure and owing to a lack of replacements, I got an upgrade to a LiteOn SOHWS which had its own benefits and drawbacks.


The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap. But when it comes to writing, all bets are off, as the actual result may not even work as drives struggle to finalize the disc or fail to maintain tracking towards the outer area.

Click for more about me! Over-Speed burning technology allows media to be burned at higher recording speeds than rated Seamless Link: Dimensions W x H x D: It came in a sealed clear plastic xw1640 with a product information card in Chinese that had not been filled out at all.

To continue disassembling the drive requires an emergency eject with a paperclip, so as to remove the front fascia panels.

This is an old archive page of HWZ prior nenq revamp. The upper lid has the spindle clamp kept captive within it, as is common for PC drives.

BenQ DW In a relatively short span of just one year, BenQ has had six different models under its DW16xx series of optical disc drives rolled out of its factory doors. Worse still, the drive also ignores our request for 4x write speed. However, many of them were not particularly reliable, partly owing to their mostly CAV characteristics, which show increased error rates towards the outside edge not due to recording issues but possibly mechanical ones.

Repair: BenQ DW1640 DVD±RW Drive Tray with Chinese Belts

The case has rusted in some spots as a result. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Such long simulated capacities are nice, but can it actually be achieved? The disc quality is not too bad according to the DW — a bit poor on the inside ring, but otherwise quite decent. There should be no POFs, else unreadable data is quite likely. Imgburn, being the ever-so-honest software, asks the burner to reserve a track of a size greater than allowed up-front pre-burn, and the burner denies this request thus making overburning impossible through this route.

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BenQ DW |

Now let’s take a look at the drive itself. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. The lubrication on the tray end looks fine — hidden labels under the tray are not uncommon.

The data area of the disc has been burned, and the disc is thus a coaster.

BenQ Australia DW1640

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Many times, the belts are specified as their half length, which is more like 42mm, 55mm, 89mm, mm and mm.

Besides its technological know-how, BenQ is also a highly distinguished brand known in recent times for its strong software support, good media compatibility and excellent write quality. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3.

Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. The BenQ DW is a special drive that holds a place in my heart. This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardwarecomputer storageoptical discoptical discs. Proudly powered by WordPress.