Be the first to review this item. Multi-client audio is a feature that lets you use different inputs and outputs on your Echo product with different software applications at the same time. Troubleshooting Guide Error code Follow the instructions at the website below: Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us for a full refund. Known Issues Appendix E: Page 59 Appendix E:

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Page 51 Appendix C: The outputs are dead quiet too.

ECHO Gina 3g PCI Audio Interface | eBay

Audio Software Digital Mode Layla3G and Gina3G have a digital mode switch that lets yina3g set how the hardware transmits and receives digital audio signals.

Page 60 Appendix E: Page 72 Appendix G: Customer Service Contacting Echo Customer Service If you experience any trouble with your Echo gnia3g please go to the support area of our website at www. The binary numbers expressed in figure A are sixteen bits long, and have a maximum value of 65, Anyway, you think about this great price and sound. Super pro gear at a musician’s price.

You can try different values to find the best possible latency for your system. An Introduction to Digital Recording Converting Sound into Numbers In a digital recording system, sound is represented as a series of numbers, with each number representing the voltage, or amplitude, of a sound wave at a particular moment in time.


Echo Audio Gina3G Owner’s Manual

The break out box is sturdy. When you call, mention priority code 20N-M0MX.

Love the low latency. Very nice metal case for the breakout box.

Great product, unbelievable price. No hidden charges or hassles on returns. The Settings dialog gives you six different tabs to choose from: Read Instructions – Be sure to read all of the safety and operating instructions before operating this product.

Installation Installation Complete installation consists of logging in as an administrator, disabling Windows system sounds, installing the Windows drivers into your system, installing the PCI card, connecting the audio interface to the PCI card and to your other audio hardware, and installing Echi multitrack audio recording ausio. The stream will bypass the kernel mixer and will be transmitted ahdio bit-for-bit accuracy. Page 75 Appendix G: PureWave is an Echo-exclusive feature that gives your audio applications a more direct connection to your Echo hardware, allowing your audio data to pass through unmodified.


Digital Inputs Console Software Below the peak meters are the input monitor controls starting with the monitor pan slider. No Longer Available Update Location close.


Page 65 Appendix F: You installed your Echo product and restarted Windows. Multi-client audio FAQ Q: Holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on a pan slider will set the slider to the center position.

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Back View Show More Less. The only way that 96dB would be adequate is if all music were recorded so that the peaks were just under full-scale and no compressing or amplification was going to be applied after recording.

The Breakout box has two universal inputs with microphone preamps, six balanced analog outputs and a stereo headphone output. Gina3G is perfect for the budget-minded musician who wants to get into digital recording without sacrificing quality for price.

The more bits that are used to store the sampled value, the more closely it will represent the source signal. Be the first to review this item.

If you fire up three different audio apps at once, your computer is probably going to struggle unless you have a really hot machine. Want our best price even faster?