There would be no point in VIA releasing a chipset that’s intended to replace the KTA if it didn’t offer increased performance in some areas leaving people with no incentive to buy a KT board. It’s one of the most stable boards I’ve yet seen, something I maybe couldn’t say about EPoX in the past. Up to 4 IDE devices. The time now is To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. In the following graph, all that is changed is the memory clock via a reboot. And a Ford Focus just won’t do.

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Again, predictably, we get what we expected.

EPoX 8K7A & AMD XP 1600- Will it work?

And a Ford Focus just won’t do. While creating a chipset that uses a non ratified memory standard may possibly cause issues with large OEM purchasers who might want to give it a miss until the standard is ratified, the enthusiasts among us have long been running DDR memory modules at DD speeds so the chipset was greeted with open arms for the most part.

Onto the performance conclusion where we’ll also touch on some issues pertaining to the Athlon XP platform in general. Other manufacturers could take something from EPoX on that point since losing your motherboard manual isn’t hard to imagine. Moving to the right past that circuit and componentry we see the socket itself. The effect isn’t pronounced you need a combination of extra bandwidth and an overclocked host bus to take proper advantage of it but the increase does have an effect.


To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Yeah, but even at that posted speed limit, it wont be as fun to drive or corner as well, or get you anywheres near as many chicks. I don’t know, I am not getting it untill wednesday.

Excellent performance all round from the board, no question. After that, memory clock must match host clock. At identical clocks, KT and hence the test board will be faster than KT Running all the way up to MHz was possible on this board with no other cooling of the bridge required.

The 3-phase power solution is said by EPoX to improve stability, especially in high speed situations when overclocked. They know enthusiasts run their boards out of spec and they know they are famous for boards that do so.

The board uses a full 9-hole ATX mount and was an easy drop in replacement for the last board in the test chassis. The KT Northbridge seems to run exceptionally cool.

It’s a little late now The time now is The numbers are very similar to results we’ve gotten with this CPU on a wide number of boards. Also, our asynchrous runs show the little increase we need to validate the mode. What Sandra is really measuring here is the bandwidth the host processor can make use of from what’s available from the memory controller.


A 60 point gain I measured over points from some runs doesn’t seem like very much but it happens every time showing you that the memory bandwidth we have extra from KT is helping performance.

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Performance This is the dpox that most people will be interested in and rightly so. Like before, a small but appreciable difference in performance is what we are looking for. Ummm, it was a joke The board enjoys the 3-phase power circuitry to provide stable overclocks. It’s one of the most stable boards I’ve yet seen, something I maybe couldn’t say about EPoX in the past.

Yes, that’s news to me too. They don’t make chipsets and can only work with what they are given.

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The graph just shows the CPU is working properly.

Thumbs up to EPoX for that connector placement. AGP supports 1x, 2x 3. Dp small but measurable increase in performance from the free memory bandwidth that we gain.