In a word, it’s amazing. In the end, a great keyboard. It’s quick and easy to attach other devices via USB. With an enemy in your sights, a well-timed macro can be the difference between victory and defeat. Positively Powerful Peripheral This is my 4th Logitech keyboard, and this one is the best… provided it proves to be as durable as the previous 3.

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It also features a mode switch, which will disable operating system hotkeys, reducing the chance of accidentally leaving the game at a critical moment.

The G19 includes a detachable wrist rest in order to promote proper keyboard ergonomics. Controls for the LCD are fairly simple to figure out, overall just a very nice set up. If that isn’t enough, by adding another device and using the USB ports, the fan can watch four events A Sport Fan’s device. For example, I’ll bet the computer mouse you are using is at the keyobard least an optical, cordless model.

On the left side, there are 12 programmable G-keys to which you can assign up to three different sets of macros. It weighs just under 38 ounces.

Some will still prefer a corded mouse and a big cathode ray tube display. The display language is controlled through the operating system language settings.

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G19 Wired Keyboard 54 product ratings 4. Researchers have developed a new Braille computer keyboard with features that are particularly useful for transcribing scientific texts and musical scores.


When a bird in flight lands, it performs a rapid pitch-up maneuver during the perching process to keep from overshooting the branch or telephone wire.

The G19 is without a doubt an excellent keyboard.

Keyboarr hardware is non-mechanical and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Trade shows bring new tech innovations January 19, Another Consumer Electronics Show and MacWorld trade show have passed and with that brings a host of announcements of new products to hit the shelves at retail outlets.

Logitech G19 920-000969 Wired Keyboard

Backlighting can be assigned using a choice of one of 15 colors. I find them exceedingly useful as shortcuts to any number of functions I only wish that the G19 had g91 G-keys. It’s silly to admit, but I rarely ever use the macro keys G1-G12 for any games I play; but, they’re extremely handy for other keyboqrd combination applications, or just app launcher shortcuts in general which is what I’ve been using those keys for.

But does this justify the price? Sufficed to say, in replacing that k eyboard with one bought recently, Logitech really made some worthwhile changes that I can see making this second purchase worth it. Third, Features – Where do I begin? The LCD has to be near the top of my b19 list.

G19 keyboard goes way beyond typing

It is very cle ar and can play just about everything you can think of from movies to pictures to news feeds to clips from YouTube and to any other RSS feed you want and much more. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Home users who work in darkened rooms to prevent keeping others awake would find the feature useful as well.


There are three special keys that allow you to quickly switch between saved profiles that include game key and color settings. How about replacing the bateries with kinetic energy generation? I would like to see similar cheaper models ‘reviewed’, not advertised.

That screen you’re staring at is probably a flat panel display that may even be capable of displaying high definition television images.

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard

Revisions have keyboadr this a much better buy! But, if you can find it below that, it’s worth the purchase from my experience. Hopefully, you’re not one of them. Buttons on either side keyboarx the screen are used to manage what’s being shown. My point is that we’re taking these devices for granted. First, the feel – The keys feel very smooth with just the right amount of friction to prevent your fingers from sliding off the keys.