The initialization of the link login is quite easy. This table is created upon initialization of the link or when the first communication between host and device happens. A channel is a limited, direct, structured and predictable mechanism for data transmission between a few participants. Like most of the ring topologies the setup of an AL is simplified by using hubs, because standardized cables can be used. Issue with Backup Schedule after migration from 9. A node of this type will be built for each Domain the Fabric contains Domains usually correspond one to one with a switch instance.

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The SCSI protocol is somehow encapsulated. It was indeed a network restriction that we werent aware of on that vlan.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The last one to check is whether the failover mode is correct configured. Unable to access previously accessed device at nport ID 0xae. I have tried earlier to add the card wwn to the array but the option to click “ok” is greyed out after filling in all the necessary information.

Let us know once you get that far. HP Surestore Disk System ?

For private loops, the value is 0. Saturday, 29 December Home Disclaimer About me.


That’s a good tl/ts/zl2 VSA addressed devices are: They are able to adapt automatically to changing environments and allow a higher number of participants. Hence a higher administration effort mostly in software is neccessary in order to establish a connection between two points in the network. The FC-Connectino is going directly from server and into tape device.

You see in each physical volume four PV names. The loop ids below are dynamically assigned. Thanks for the help all and taking it easy on me.

HBA Fiber Channel connectivity check HP-UX

Common features of all adapters are? Now your documentation library is available and in-sync online or off direct from the EMC Cloud.

For each hardware module on the system, ioscan displays by default pi hardware path to the hardware module, the class of the hardware module, and a brief description. Note that for most switches, the Domain will map jp a switch instance, an area id will map to a physical connector on the switch, and the port id will only be used non zero if there is an Arbitrated Loop configured behind the switch connector.

I have a query on how to create device-files for FC-devices? Each disk enclosure can contain up to ten disks.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Issues connecting legacy HP server to CELERRA NS

This is why the port field is always set to i. Let’s look if the hosts see disks. Which addessing mode to use when depends on the topology and the tl/ys/xl2.


May 28 PDA is the standard addressing scheme.

HP-UX 11v1 + DP + Quantum i40 FC connected LTO – Micro Focus Community

This enables public loop devices to communicate with nodes outside of the loop. Each LCC has two 1Gb fibre channel interface. For hardware paths associated with non-array LUNs, the Port ID is set to the value for direct connect controller. However once networking opened things up the host registered and all the fc cards checked in. Thank you for the response.

Device that is connected over fibre channel host, disk array, bridge, …. In a public Loop the nodes register with their World Wide Name at the FL-port of the switch and get a 3 byte identifier assigned, i.

Trying to add it manually also fails. You can manually register the HBA.