Initializing The Hard Disk If you attach a hard disk to the printer to store fonts, you must initialize it before you can use it. Page Macintosh 66 locking , Windows — making backup copies of 38, output format, Windows printer features window, Apple Printer specifying options, Windows Utility 47, 48—67 —, — Printer Information category in printer PostScript files features window, Macintosh Page Macintosh 50—51, , , — provided with the printer Windows , — from manufacturers other than substituting, Macintosh Apple TrueType settings, Windows — hardware options. Place your left hand on the left edge of the rear cover and grasp the lower-right corner with your right hand. The same effect can be achieved by physically turning the printer on and off again. You can verify the configuration by performing a text print with the command. To remove the envelope feeder When you wish to remove the envelope feeder, follow these instructions.

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Squeeze and pull to release the panel. See the manuals that came with your program for details about specific options.

Apple LaserWriter 16/ PS – printer – monochrome – laser Overview – CNET

A list of printer types appears. For best results when printing envelopes, be sure to position your address block properly in your word-processing document.

Macintosh 50—51, — provided with the printer Windows— from manufacturers other than substituting, Lawerwriter Apple TrueType settings, Windows — hardware options. Three-hole punched paper Insert three-hole punched paper into the paper cassette so the holes are toward the left side of the cassette.


If the jam is in the fixing rollers, open the paper jam door on the left side of the printer.

LaserWriter 16/600 PS

Checking for and clearing paper jams Occasionally a piece of paper may get stuck inside the printer during the printing process. Printer Output Max Speed.

Replacing the rear cover To replace the cover on the printer, follow these steps.

In the Print Server menu, printdr the print server you want to use and press Enter. Page 19 Step 3: Unwanted lines or stripes appear. Printer IP address assignment, option C: If your printer is connected to the server through a parallel port connection, display the PostScript Options dialog box and make sure that Protocol Options is set to None. Page 83 m position, the mode is AutoSelect.

Page 17 Printer administrators and users: Laptops by Dan Ackerman Sep 25, Installing the software the printer administratror needs Step 2: Printer life expectancy m Minimum life expectancy is 5 years laserwrterpages, with no monthly page limit.


Lserwriter Click Font Downloader. Replacing the rear cover Laserwriteer installing the memory, you then replace the rear cover on the printer and fasten it with the Phillips screw that you removed earlier. Initializing the hard disk takes a few minutes. Page Insert the cartridge. Page Connecting a single external hard disk Turn off the printer.


Page 74 Select the fonts you want to download. In the lookup parameter list, change the zone name to the zone in which the printer is currently located.

Problems With Printed Documents Problems with printed documents This section provides remedies for problems in the appearance of a printed document. Make sure the edges are even on all sides before inserting the stack of paper. Selecting printer options in the Setup dialog box You can change the most commonly used printer settings from the Setup dialog box.

At the UNIX prompt, type ps -e grep rlp If the process is running, you will see one or more lines of text; it it is not running, you will see no response. See Chapter 9 for more information. When I print a text file, the lines stairstep off the page.

Push downward gently to snap the cartridge into its locked position. Turn off any automatic virus-detection programs on your Macintosh before installing the software. The file is either corrupted or not in the DOS path.