But yeah, you really need a remote. Bollocks to that I say! You will need to pay for a remote as well. Alongside those lovely meters you also have the option of having the valve compartment lit. A rubber-coated, back-lit full function remote control is included but, awkwardly, no batteries are supplied. You never know just when you might need to know the frequency response or the rated harmonic distortion in a hurry.

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The Creek OBH was a heart-stopper. The monster MC power amp matches the preamplifier aesthetically by sporting the black glass fascia, of course, twin large meters output wattage this timeand two knobs, one for meter control lights off, watts and peak hold and one for power which includes a position for remote switching via 12V connection.

The black glass fascia sports the trademark blue backlit meters flanking the dot-matrix display, here depicting output in decibels.

I guess will save my wallet for another day.

McIntosh C review | What Hi-Fi?

Would love a mcintohs, but no dealers nearby have one. What the Series can do with a movie soundtrack – well, that’s quite another. Several digital inputs are also provided by way of asynchronous USB 2. Does it have warranty on it that becomes yours? The company has also printed a full set of technical specifications on the top panel. There were detailed, tight and powerful low frequencies fortifying the foundation to the musical experience.


And as polarising as Autoformers can be in the context of solid-state amplification, I did not notice any deleterious effect — none of the so-called plodding bass and soft top-end.

What Hi-Fi?

It has an engaging way with music replay too. Power Output per Channel: A power-saving feature turns the amplifier off if no signal is present. Put simply, a true balanced circuit provides significant noise rejection and distortion minimisation.

Put some NOS tubes in there, and it is truly awesome! After I carefully positioned a pair of loudspeakers I removed my usual pink noise CD and replaced it with music. Somehow, in the process of single-handedly getting the kit in the listening room, all was unscathed gear, if not and writer. Possibly, but regardless, the inner nerd in us quite likes it.

Both preamp and power amp are double-boxed in heavy cardboard boxes and snuggly held within thick foam. My only concern is firmware-operated McIntosh whose reliability doesn’t yet seem up to par for a McIntosh. So it would seem the company has, once again, adjusted to the call of the times. The only fix is power cycling. The sound is not sophisticated, it is big and cinematic.


Conclusion The McIntosh C and MC excel at spectacular dynamic expression, beautiful and accurate tonality, satisfying detail retrieval, and the recreation of a generous soundfield.

McIntosh C2500 & MC452 preamplifier & power amplifier REVIEW

Do you already have an account? Now, being a part of Italian Fine Sounds holding, perhaps the company will develop a better taste for music. Its smooth, full-bodied character is a little too strong to deliver that.

It was from “to die for” category, when you just hold your breath not to Low notes have real power, and are tracked with a decent degree of precision. You will need to pay for a remote as well.

To conclude I can only reconfirm that Luxman have made a quantum leap with the new generation models. HumbusterMay 3, Recommended resellers Excelia HiFiChrudim, tel.

The job was simple to do and it resolved my issue.

If you plan to add a preamplifier to your system and McIntosh is only a consideration c25000 consider twice. The McIntosh C is a tubed preamp 6 x 12AX7 in order to “provide romantic sound to music lovers” as the manual specifies.