Personally – amongst all of the oil I drained and played around with – Used Shell helix has a stench that is quite distinct Oh and by the way, that comment makes absolutely no sense to me, but maybe someone else can elaborate on how running a race oil will lead to higher temps just because you’re not beating on it.. Just man up to it and run the best.. I don’t beat on it, but I do love sitting at 4k for a second or two, and then putting my foot down. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Motul 300v for engine oil??

They will be able to answer this question. View attachment So how do I read this? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The difference between the V and Mobil 1 is night and day. The first one is the viscosity when cold and the second is the viscosity motu, hot.

What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Why not just switch to Rotella? One can see immediately that – – Viscosity is thin at the higher temp outside of what the N20 is speced for – TBN is low so forget about it doing 8k without shearing Being daipy the N20 is turbo charged TNB is higher but no where close to oils that meets LL01 specs.

Any real reason not to use Motul V oil? – Ducati Scrambler Forum

I’ve never owned a nice enough bike that oil really mattered, but I wanted to see if any of you have opinions or past experience using V as opposed to Seraphblade Dailyy Member Dec 29, I’ve been using Motul V in my Royal Enfield for a few years now and can vouch for the positive impact it has had in terms of slicker gear shifts and lesser engine vibes.


I just want to know, is it safe to use?

It will be for a daily driven SR, i want the best and i have always used Royal Purple but have been hearing that Royal Purple is actually not that great? The other USP of V is just the opposite of what you’ve been told – it supposedly lasts a very long time compared to other synthetic or semi-synthetic oils miles or so. I used pennzoil ultra and thought it feels better than the castrol 0w and 5w I would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to the engine’s well being.

I am not sure how long the car would have to sit for this to happen but it is definitely scary haha. Some of the things I’ve seen posted by people who knows if they know anything or not -Race use only, needs to be changed quickly because it breaks down -It’s a ‘high pressure oil’ and doesn’t circulate well at idle Is any of that true? It looks like they recommend a shorter oil change interval.

My Nissan sx Chevy V8 Project. Send a private message to user Amit New Delhi, India twitter and Instagram: The Nissan Gods aren’t going to sneak a little note under your doorstep telling you its fine to use this fluid.


That just sounds absurd, but I’m no chemical engineer. The following errors occurred with your submission. I want the best and how much it costs dakly not matter but i also do not want to pay a lot and end up ruining my engine because i wasn’t supposed to use this type of oil.

The last unfinished can shows 1. Same thing goes for when the oil is cold – takes a bit more time for it to be pumped up which means the engine might take some beating at cold crank before the oil can reach the moving parts I came from using the Motul v on my previous car, and is wondering if this oil is good or harmful for our engine. The engine revs more freely and eagerly, as if there was indeed less friction between moving parts.

It’s a race oil, but it has enough detergents to run on the street. Is there any truth to this? I am just paranoid and need dailt.

Motul – Broadcasts guide show

Motul and Amsoil are very very close in most area’s. Off-topic Discussion Other Ducati Motorcycles. The Motul V Power 5W40 claims to compensate for medium engine oil dilution by unburned fuel and maintain a stable oil pressure.