Net Forums General Hardware General. However, they can prevent you from using Windows after a short amount of time if they DO know the Product Key is not legitimate. You must use either Master with Slave – have a jumper on the hard drive on the middle two pins when you have another drive on the same data cable, and the other drive must be set to Slave, or both drives must be jumpered Cable Select, otherwise the optical drive or the hard drive may not be detected properly, by the bios, or by Windows. The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change. After all that you said concerning floppy dives and their cables and connections, and the LED, I also suspect now that the board on my floppy drive is fried, except if the power cable is faulty. Thinking of the future, preferring to buy a hard disk drive that I can eventually use in the new “up to date” computer that I want to try to build, after my MS is fully functional, can I use the latest hard disk drive standard in my MS – what is the latest, SATA 3, or is there another later version?

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You can still use Messenger ot Hotmail without installing that.

MSI MS 6714 Ver 5, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

What size hard disk drive would be a good size to start with for my future computer, not for my if I wanted to install Windows XP, Linux and Adobe CS4, swap space, video files, audio files and document files, etc. As per 35 above.

If you are connecting the monitor to a card that is inserted into an expansion slot further down on the board then you are using add in graphics. I’m not sure why – perhaps because binary numbering starts audip zero, not 1.

It means a lot! Only insert on stick to start. In theory they should last longer than conventional hard drives.

If you boot with something on the disk that has the operating system fully installed on the disk, e. The pin 1 end is usually marked on the mboard surface near the mboard IDE header with an arrowhead or a 1; the pin 1 end of an IDE hard drive or optical drive connector is usually next to the drive’s aufio connector. I only have license for the Home Edition though.


The Windows licence allows you to make one copy of your Windows disk for backup purposes, in case the original disk is damaged, – and – installations of and XP that came on brand name computers sometimes did not come with a Windows re-installation CD, and in that case you’re allowed to make one copy of someone else’s CD of the same version, in the case of XP, Home or Pro, whichever is installed on the hard drive, to load Windows with, as long as you have and use the original Product Key, which is supposed to be on the official Microsoft label on the brand name case.

Following your suggestion I ran a diagnostic test with SeaTools DOS – the Long Test was completed within the split second that I clicked my mouse – and got the following result: The IBM must be used pulls and you don’t really want them from any brand. Thanks for the info concerning drivers.

It looks like it’s almost there. I am wondering if the floppy auduo in my MS the computer which I am trying to ressurrect is functional, and whether I could simply remove it and connect it to my MS so that I could make a bootable floppy disk of the Old Data Lifeguard Diagnostic with my MS, but I am not up to it at this stage.

Drivers for MSI GVM-L MS motherboard (Socket ) on FTP

I did not want to post back to you before I haven’t gone through lots of stuff that I was wondering about computers first, so I’ve been googling and reading and studying lots of stuff first. What originally happened was this – I have been working on an old computer vsr can support a maximum memory size of 1.

Some places no longer stock them IDE drives though. What’s my next vwr What are my chances of loosing my personal data not the OS on the 40GB drive if I remove it from my current Additional free space is required during installation cannot install on flash-based storage devices. Quoted from my manual If you select Manual, related information is asked to be entered to the following items.


If you have sudio than one legitimate Product Key, you can use Keyfinder at least the older version I have or some other third party programs, to change the Product Key. If you bought or were given a computer that already has Windows on it, or even if you picked up a discarded computer, my way of thinking is, as long as whoever owned it before had a legal as far as Microsoft is concerned installation of Windows, then the ownership of the Windows license becomes yours.

Windows and up only shows you the NTFS software partitioning choice if the partition is larger than exactly When you have chosen to make a partition, Windows and up do the software partitioning and the formatting at the same time, the software partitioning always being a bit ahead of the formatting.

I think I was confused yesterday when Aueio checked things, so I repeated what you suggested and took the RAM out as follows: I will search around to see what I can find out. Thanks for the info on hard disk drives and bits and bytes.

If the XP CD does not have SP3 updates integrated into it on the CD, after SP3 updates have been installed, you can free up some hard drive space by removing backup files created when SP3 updates are installed, but then you can’t un-install the SP3 updates you usually never need to, if you install SP3 updates before you have installed a lot of other programs – see below.

Would Microsoft Windows be able to determine for me if the Product Key on my label is being used by someone else or not, if I asked them? Thank you for veer the detailed help concerning Adobe CS4 system requirements and the rest! In response to – 79 “Might be easier to acquire a different hard drive and go from there. Do you have a monitor to connect to the tower?