Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead? What’s this about needing a card to do playback? And having read more of the rule, it’s really awful. I was under the impression that the reason this works was because they are legally required to offer an unencrypted stream through an active firewire port. I’ve also remove the soundcard with the MDP installed and still exhibit the same problem.

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May 26, Posts: Originally posted by Kagehiru: While disassembling the P4 system, I noticed that this processor is one of the desirable “30 capper” variants that are better for overclocking. Thu Sep 16, 2: It does not work with cable or satelite. Mdp-1100 Sep 16, 8: Although I’m not sure how you could boot without a vid card.

I’ll report my findings as soon as I can.

Wed Sep 15, 4: By simply selecting the Tape option in the MyHD software, video was automatically recorded to the VCR tape when programmed or commanded to do so. MPlay for the Roku HD I then called the folks at Digital Connection and explained my dillema.

HDTV capture card, Price drop for MYHD MDP-120 card

I have already disabled the onboard sound No current hdtv cap cards have an encryption chip onboard, even the one that used to encrypt the content did so with mdp-10 host’s cpu, sending out unencrypted hdtv over the pci bus making it non compliant. Two RF inputs are available for both cable and over the air use.


Originally posted by sengsational I’d say “you can’t get blood out of a turnip” But there seem to be a few reports that say that by the time Mr. I myhdd to with this board to allow the use msp-100 the Nightingale Pro. BB code is On. I need to start drinking more coffee before reading Ars in the morning. I don’t think any of those laws actually passed. Someone better tell those Crimecast bastards.

HDTV capture card, Price drop for MYHD MDP card – Ars Technica OpenForum

Apr 18, Posts: For everybody playing nyhd at home, the setup is leaving out the MyHD octopus cable: Fri Sep 17, 7: I thought MyHD would convert these low def signals to the same HD quality, but they still look the same or have more grain on them.

Got a link to the discussion on avsforums?

The easiest way, from a day to day usage point of view, is to run the mdp1-00 out from your main video card into the pass through on the MyHD card and then from the MyHD card to your TV. I hope that we can get something figured out pretty soon.


Which seems to myh in direct opposition to the broadcast flag Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

MyHD MDP HDTV Tuner Card : Moe’s HTPC

The video performance we experienced from this product was excellent and indistinguishable from our set-top box. This includes all HDTV capture cards on the market.

With the MyHD card you can also run external devices through it and use the MyHD card as a scaler which is exactly what I am doing with my laserdisc player.

Here’s specs on what I currently have: They’re required to if you ask.

This setup worked flawlessly and the remote gave us full control over the system. The TeraLogic Janus 8-VSB decoder processes large amounts of data, thereby off-loading the processor to perform other necessary functions in the environment.