Congrats to these Prime Student Drivers. Finishing in second place was Bryan Hutchinson, also of Prime. Prime Ways Volume 1 Issue 3 Check out the latest edition of our Prime Ways magazine with features on our associates, facilities, programs, and much more! I salute you men and women of Prime. You may think you just work for a wage and hopefully at the end of the week, you take it to buy the bacon you bring home. To sign up for this event, pre-register using this link.

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Naward more information about the competition, including eligibility, a highlight video, and online registration, visit http: The competition is grueling. Day after day, hartmann get up, brush your teeth, half-pour half-spill a cup of java and slosh it down your throat while you mindlessly weave through traffic to get to your job.

The first event consisted of three rounds of 10 alternating arms and side shuffle using the battle rope, 15 push-ups, 10 Russian twists with the battle rope, and 15 jumping jacks with the battle rope. Prime Picnics will be held in the following locations: They risk their narqard life each and every day to ensure the safety and freedom of us all. September 18 — Complimentary Lunch Prime Floral: Low continued by extending his thankfulness for those willing to train, give back, and pay it forward.

The Top 15 CDL Instructors recognized at the event assisted of those people earn their license this past year.


Truck drivers keep America moving! The men used a 30 lb. With more than active drivers, they wanted to create an additional option to provide drivers a formalized platform to give them an even bigger voice and impact on company decisions and issues as well as to create strong advocates for company changes, updates, and driver concerns. I was a hundred miles from the nearest mechanic and I had to deliver before they would even roll out of bed. The company also displays a second plaque to celebrate these drivers in the hallways of the Springfield, MO and Pittston, PA terminals.

Without you, I would be nothing. The events can take from three to eight minutes to complete and are comprised of bodyweight exercises, fitness equipment, and even use of the truck.

Trucks are critical to our national and global economy, to our families, to our businesses, and so much more. At midnight, a Road Assist associate talked me through steps to override several functions and got the reefer started again. If Prime drivers have an emergency on the road, the company can dispatch one of their service trucks in the area to the scene to assist the driver.

Prime would like to congratulate the drivers chosen for the Driver Advisory Board. To become a student driver and start your career in the transportation industry, look into Prime, Inc. These events are not open to the public. The second event consisted of 50 slam ball thrusters, 40 sit ups, 30 alternating lunges, 20 slam balls, and 10 burpees.

Prime News

Wutke took the stage once again to welcome keynote speaker, Andrea Turner. In a very close event, Antonio Davila finished third with a time of 3 minutes 24 seconds. Each and every one of you is a necessary spoke in the wheel of America the Beautiful. What you do is honorable and noble, necessary and hartmxn changing. For more information about these and other commercial vehicle technologies, visit www. We will have hot dogs, burgers, brats, cold drinks etc for all who want to come out and compete or watch the event.


Prime has added the “wellness” portion to this event in an effort to remind all drivers that their health is important to us, their families, and the safety of our nation’s highways.

I salute every person who does their part to ensure my success. Written by Reba J.

Prime Ways Volume 1 Issue 3 Check out the latest edition of our Prime Narwarrd magazine with features on our associates, facilities, programs, and much more! A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a CDL Instructor. Prime Driver Advisory Board Members: Aside from those roles, there is no more patriotic act than to choose to serve in the transportation industry.